This is Jim Wilkinson's Web site. My business background is in systems engineering project management in the tele­communications industry. I first got involved in Web publish­ing in 1996, when I project-managed the intro­duction of our company intranet.

Today, my particular interest is in universal Web access as a publish­ing medium, including the often-neglected issues of usability and also access­ibility for people with disabilities. One aspect of my interest lies in the capability of the Web's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to transform material for different media (repurpose/reformat/reuse).

Web site accessibility for people with vision, motor or cognitive disabilities is a key issue since the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, as applied to services, came into effect in 2001.

On this site I offer my thoughts and advice on using the Web, including:-

Where I recommend software, I have no links with the companies that supply it. My advice is based on my own experience and is offered simply to help make your use of the Web faster, cheaper, safer and more effective.

If you find this advice useful or have any comments, please let me know of your experiences.

You can e-mail me at syntactic att syntacticweb dott co dott uk.