advice on typefaces

In general, Web sites can be displayed using only the fonts (typefaces) installed on your computer. If a Web site specifies a font which you haven't got installed, your browser will display the pages using a font which is available.

If you have them installed, you should see this text in Georgia and this text in Verdana.

Many browsers default to Times New Roman, which is not a very legible font for screen use. There are two fonts which have been specially designed for screens, called Georgia and Verdana. You probably already have them installed.

Check your browser's Preferences/Options to see what are the default font and font size. Choose Georgia in place of Times New Roman. Instead of 12-point text, try 10, 11 or 14-point if you find that text on Web pages is generally too big or too small.

See our advice on setting up your browser for changing your default font and font size and for printing Web pages.