advice on browsers

Whichever browser you are using, you might like to read my advice on setting up your browser – essential settings for default font and font size and for printing Web pages.

The default Web browser for Windows is Microsoft Edge. But there is a choice of browsers available to you (whichever company you are using as your Internet Service Provider or ISP). Your choice of browser may be affected by your need for your browser to integrate functions in addition to browsing, e.g. Instant Messaging; e-mail; newsfeeds. To discover your browser's version, go to its Help menu and select "About ...".


I highly recommend Vivaldi. It stakes its reputation on respecting your privacy and does not pass your browsing habits to advertisers. It has optional advert and tracker blocking. Vivaldi has many useful facilities that will make your browsing easier. It can be used "out of the box" but is highly customisable if you wish.

Vivaldi contains an optional e-mail facility with advanced spam-filtering, spell-checker, and support for newsgroups and newsfeeds (newsreader/feedreader).

Vivaldi will run on Windows, iPads and Android-based mobile phones.

I suggest you install Vivaldi alongside your existing browser and try it out. Installation is very easy.